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广州国际语言培训中心    2024-06-23

—  Anton外教的英语自述  —

Originally from Cumberland, MD, USA, I have travelled, and worked in different countries. Prior to coming to ILC I have worked in numerous positions, both as a teacher and as a private English tutor, so I have had a chance to teach students of various ages, backgrounds, and levels of English proficiency. I pride myself on my ability to connect and communicate with any student, whether they are 12 or 52 years old, and on being able to create a positive, engaging atmosphere in the classroom. In class I do not just teach the language itself, but I also try to educate students about the western culture, traditions, customs and the life in the west in general.


—  Anton外教的资历简介  —




2001年起全封闭办学 国内最早 口碑最佳