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广州国际语言培训中心    2024-06-23

—  Irene老师的英语自述  —

With great passion for English and education, I've been an English teacher since I graduated and I've got my Teaching Certificate. Over the past years, I've learned quite a few teaching methods from my students, fellows as well as my hands-on experience, so I strongly believe that I'm a highly qualified English instructor. I'm not only good at guiding students in finding the beauty of English, but also skillful at connecting English with daily life. In this way, you may find it useful and meaningful to study English. Besides, I believe in the power of encouragement. Since learning is a lifetime thing, learn as if you were to live forever. Stay hungry, stay foolish.


—  Irene老师的资历简介  —



2001年起全封闭办学 国内最早 口碑最佳